Maine Barn Company has been developed as an affiliate of the well established timber frame company, Connolly & Co. Timber Frame Homes. Since 1982, Connolly & Co.'s team of professional artisans has created many exceptional timber frame homes, barns and commercial structures. They have earned a reputation for timeless designs, quality construction and responsive service. This group of timber frame craftsmen has developed a company that specializes in barn structures with the purpose of retaining the architectural and cultural heritage of these simple and versatile buildings.

Completed Barn Style Post and Beam Building from Maine Barn Company
Through the years, we have received numerous requests and inquiries for basic barns. To meet these needs, Maine Barn Company has designed eight standard models of New England style barns. By using our standard models, both design time and design costs are eliminated, reducing not only the cost but also the time for delivery. For those customers requiring other sizes or modifications, design revisions can be made. A distinct element of Maine Barn Company is the continued use of proven traditional joinery. All of the barn frames are cut in our shop in Edgecomb, Maine.

Some additional information:

Please contact us for pricing information about any of our standard frames. They may be cut in hemlock, pine, Douglas fir or a species of your choice. Timbers may be ordered planed or unplaned (rough cut). We supply foundation plans, frames, stress skin panels covering the walls and roof and raising at your site. We generally do not supply windows or doors, exterior/interior trim,finish work, or roofing materials. Owner is responsible for site preparation, foundation, backfilling and deck prior to frame delivery.

We would be pleased to work with you, your architect, and/or your builder to discuss foundation requirements, structure enclosure, and frame raising.

Maine Barn Company offers eight standard models, all built with dedicated craftsmanship in our Maine timber shop. All frames are cut from eastern white pine or hemlock and milled in the state of Maine. Timbers are delivered to our timber shop, where our dedicated and experienced timber joiners then fashion your barn and prepare it for delivery to your building site. Prior to the delivery, we discuss with you the details of site preparation, frame raising options, and recommendations for doors and windows.
 We have included our standard plans on the following page showing front and side elevations, as well as front and side framing diagrams. Suggested window and door placements are shown along with prices for the standard frame.

Standard barn plan diagrams from Maine Barn Company

Timber frame barn model building plans

We can also create timber frames for custom sized barns through our in house design studio. From our standard plan, there are many variations of styles and dimensions. The cost of a custom designed barn is dependent on the dimensions, the complexity of the joinery, and the type of wood used. Contact us for more details.

Please note that our affiliate, Connolly & Co. Timber Frame Homes, specializes in custom made timber frame houses and barn designs as living spaces. Click here to see their web site.

Should you decide to insulate your structure, we can provide insulated wall panels and have them installed as part of the 'package'. To learn more about this insulated enclosure system, ask about them at our Contact us page.


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